Unitxt, which premiered on June 25,2013 at Munich’s Prinzregenten Theater, sends 12 dancers on a 25-minute "tour de force".

The commission by the Bavarian State Ballet was the occasion for Richard Siegal to propose a collaboration with celebrity industrial designer, Konstantin Grcic. Elaborating on the functionality of the pointe shoe, the team of Siegal and Grcic imagined together other possible material interfaces with the dancer's body that could enhance human movement potential.

Along with the resulting "wearable objects", Unitxt is motored by the visceral bass-heavy pulse of Alva Noto's electronic music to present a vision of ultra-dynamic ballet.

Choreography, stage, light, video Richard Siegal
Music Carsten Nicolai
Industrial design and costumes Konstantin Grcic

World Premiere
25 June 2013 Bayerisches Staatsballett

On stage
12 dancers
25 min


"On the imaginary streets of Unitxt,
these men and women walk, run and dance together
and past each other, without ever colliding.
They are independent, modern, but not at all lonely people,
who use public space but also the club as in Metric Dozen as their catwalk. There they present themselves in the right light
and moment as strongly independent personalities,
tremendously beautiful and tremendously sexy."

Eva-Elisabeth Fischer, Süddeutsche Zeitung


"Twenty-five minutes of absolute choreographic sublimity.
What a remarkable piece of artistry.
The audience loved it and really didn’t want
to let any of them go, understandably.
It was simply stunning and intensely breathtaking to watch."

Alison Kent, Dance Europe


"Siegal, from whom one has seen so many great evenings
in Munich’s free scene raises the game when he works
with a big, classically trained ensemble.
Unitxt at the Bayerisches Staatsballet gave already a glimpse of the here even more refined techniques,
the gripping encounters, and the stupendous timing.
On overlong, legs in stockings and in silver black patinized shirts, only seemingly uniformed,
the dancers here follow very individual new ways
into the future of dance."

Sabine Leucht, Süddeutsche Zeitung