Pop HD
(based on My Generation)

Choreography Richard Siegal
Music Atom™ (Uwe Schmidt)
Costumes Bernhard Willhelm
Lighting design Gilles Gentner
Stylist Edda Gudmundsdottir

World Premiere
Pop HD based on My Generation 2014
Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet at the Brooklyn Academy of Music
New York

On stage
12 dancers
24 min


"Mr. Siegal’s My Generation, a bolt of electricity,
makes the dancers look as fabulous as possible..."

Siobhan Burke, The New York Times


"... genius, and unparalleled in its novelty. 
Siegal's piece, My Generation, was like a Monster high
that you never want to end.
Siegal's vision coupled with his diverse cast embodied
the 21st century with its technological obsession
and fast-paced lifestyle."

Alexandra Villarreal, Huffpost


"The work like a party slightly out of control,
the kind that only A-list beauties could attend."

Joel Benjamin, Theaterscene.net


"My Generation by Richard Siegal,
was popping with kinetic energy."

Jennifer Stahl, Dance Magazine