Ballet of Difference


Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference promotes the furthering of the balletic discourse by providing counterpoint to today's institutional ballet.

The company brings together international dance artists of the highest caliber who differ in their genotypes, cultural backgrounds, aesthetic socializations, and sexual orientations. Their diversity reflects the program: Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference explores the boundaries of what is normative in our society. The twelve dancers are an assembly of individuals; rising stars and seasoned professionals who created with Richard Siegal at Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, The Bavarian State Ballet, and The National Ballet of Marseille. Fusing with the dance are some of today's most provocative voices in style, fashion, electronic music, light and industrial design.

The union of this diverse knowledge under the direction of Richard Siegal forges a unique vision of ballet's present and future. With Munich as its homebase. Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference represents a burgeoning dance scene in Munich to a national as well as international public.

Artistic director Richard Siegal

Claudia Ortiz Arraiza
Leonard Engel
Katherina Markowskaja
Yvonne Martos
Navarra Novy-Williams
Matthew Min Rich
Joaquim de Santana
Diego Tortelli
Ebony Williams
Zuzana Zahradníková

Dramaturgy Tobias Staab
Choreographic assistant Caroline Geiger
Project Manager Miria Wurm
Stylist Edda Gudmundsdottir
Technical Director Roman Fliegel
Company Teacher Katherina Markowskaja
Press Relations Nicola Steller
Producer and Tour manager Claudia Bauer/Ecotopia dance production GmbH  


Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference is a production of Richard Siegal/The Bakery and ecotopia dance productions
Coproduced by Muffatwerk Munich (D)
Supported by Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich