6. Oct 2019 in BERLIN

Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference at Schauspiel Köln is looking for male and female classically trained dancers of extraordinary ability with 5 years professional experience.

Full soloist and guest contracts with Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference at Schauspiel Köln will start in January 2020. The repertoire includes creations and pre-existing ballets by Richard Siegal on and off pointe such as Unitxt, My Generation, BoD, Liedgut, and Metric Dozen.

Audition details

Date: 6th October 2019

Time: 10.00-18.00 h

Location: Deutsche Oper Berlin

Please send your application including CV, pictures and video material,

including at least one video of pointe work to:

Accepted applicants will be notified via email and invited to the audition.

Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference promotes the furthering of the balletic discourse by providing counterpoint to today's institutional ballet. The company brings together international dance artists of the highest caliber who differ in their genotypes, cultural backgrounds, aesthetic socializations, and sexual orientations. Their diversity reflects the program: Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference explores the boundaries of what is normative in our society.

Siegal and his Company will be associated for the next two years at Schauspiel Köln. | | |